Program Development is key to the success of any business.  Our Program Developers our experts in asserting the needs of your business by developing steps necessary to attain total success.  Our focus is on the company’s program definition and design to program implementation and evaluation.  We conduct needs assessments and gather data in order to firm up the company’s program requirements.  From their, duties and responsibilities become part of the program design parameters with input from stakeholders, creating and testing the program, making the necessary adjustments and finally rolling out the program.

The Program Development Cycle

Overall Vision for Program Plans

Innovation – Utilize a new approach with a new audience during the program year.

Visibility – Programs and activities will be planned to increase agency visibility.

Technology – In-Depth programs will incorporate some use of technology in delivery.

Partnerships – Strategic partnerships will strengthen and bring additional resources to programs.  Volunteers – All programs will be planned with significant strategies to mobilize volunteers in support of program goals.

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